Weekend Prep


Your Weekend is fast approaching on June 4-5!
Be sure to check out the event reminders section to help you prepare.

 What to Pack

 Cheer Flyer

Postal Service Strike

Even though the Postal Service is on strike, the Weekend must go on! Please bring any last minute donations with you on Saturday morning, and we will make sure that everything gets processed in time.

Online Check-In is Now Closed.

Delayed Self-Pledge Service

When you sign up for Delayed Self-Pledge service, we’ll extend the date to complete your fundraising until August 4, 2011. When you sign up for this service, we’ll immediately charge your credit card $2.00 which will be credited towards your own fundraising account. After August 4, we’ll check your fundraising total and if you’re still short of the minimum (we know you won’t be!) we’ll charge the balance to your card. You can do it! We know all you need is a little extra time.

Tent Assignments

Once you complete the process through Online Check-In, your tent assignment will be emailed to you on Thursday, June 2. Please watch for this email and be sure to write your tent assignment on your luggage tag and attach it to your gear bag. If you have not received your tent assignment, you can still drop your gear on Saturday morning, and then stop by the tent assignment table.

Gear assignment is designated by colour this year; so when you pick up your luggage at Camp all you have to do is look for that same colour! Please don’t forget to use your luggage tag and clearly identify your bags.